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Support the preservation, access & renewal of farmland.

There are many ways to support the rightful stewardship and long term preservation of sustainable farming! We invite you to support the cause personally in your everyday life and choose from a variety of options reviewed below.

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To make your contribution by check, please complete the form below and send your check to Yggdrasil Land Foundation, PO Box 358, Burlington,WI 53105. Click here for a printable version of the donation form. Click here for a printable version of the donation form

Personal Action

There are many ways to support the preservation of farmland for biodynamic and organic farming.  Seeking local markets, starting gardens, incorporating healthy foods into your diet and requesting organic products at your markets are a few simple ways to support the viability of nutritional and safe foods and products.  The role of sustainable agriculture in society has only scratched the surface and although organic food products are the fastest growing segment of the food industry it still is less than 2% of the total food industry.

Gifts of Land or Conservation Easements

Donating land or conservation easements to qualified charitable organizations is the most powerful way to leave a legacy for future generations and provide access and economic viability to farmers that foster kindred agricultural practices.  For more detailed information on this method of giving go to Core Strategies/Preservation.

Gifts of Money or Other Assets

Outright cash gifts are the simplest way to support a land trust and gain a tax deduction.  Donations of other assets, like securities, stocks, life insurance, or valuables such as artwork, also may be given. Such donations are deductible up to the value of the donated item.  Donors can advise land trusts as to where they would like the contribution to be used, for instance in new land projects or operating costs.
These gifts go directly towards operational support or if advised, to a specific farmland preservation projects underway.

Estate Plan Giving

There are many ways to give through actions that can be carried out in one’s estate plan. Planned giving integrates financial, personal and estate planning goals. Planned gifts often appeal to those who want to benefit a charitable organization, but aren’t certain which of their assets they will need during their lifetime. Listed below are popular giving methods.

Endowed Gift

An endowed gift is a contribution that a charitable organization holds in perpetuity. The gift is invested and a portion of its annual return is used to support the organization’s operations. The principal maintains its value over time, so a donor knows that his/her gift will continue.

Charitable Bequest

One of the easiest ways to make a contribution to a charitable organization is through the instrument of a will or revocable trust. A gift could come in the form naming Yggdrasil as beneficiary of a life insurance policy or as the beneficiary of a bank account, brokerage account or IRA.

Social and Environmental Investing

Establish a donor advised fund or Investment Fund with one of the top social and environmental financing organizations RSF Social Finance. Working in association with one of our supported organizations strengthens their cause as well as the work and mission of Yggdrasil.