Core Practices


Yggdrasil Land Foundation protects and stewards lands and places that ennoble the human being and the earth. Our sustaining purpose is to foster the development of place-based regional economies that reflect the richness of a just and human culture. The fulfillment of this purpose engages the following core practices:


Acquiring Gifted Property

We work with property owners who share our vision of keeping important land and creative spaces available for future generations. Yggdrasil Land Foundation is fortunate to receive gifts of property from several generous donors.

Purchasing Property

Occasionally we work with partner organizations to raise the necessary funds to purchase important land or buildings. Our priority is to purchase properties that are home to biodynamic or sustainable farm enterprises and/or serve as sources of physical, soul, and spiritual nourishment, preferably in close proximity to our existing properties.

Enabling Farmers to Access Land

Yggdrasil Land Foundation’s lands are leased to farmers who are committed to biodynamic, organic, and other sustainable farming practices. Our land provides farmers the opportunity to develop their farm enterprise without the burden of carrying a mortgage for the land. We provide lease opportunities to experienced and beginner farmers, and we work with farmers to design long-term lease agreements to encourage exemplary land stewardship.

Partnering with other land trusts

We are fortunate to have local land trusts hold conservation easements on our lands. Yggdrasil is grateful to these partners for providing this important service. The Anderson Valley Land Trust holds a conservation easement on Filigreen Farm, in Boonville, California and Geneva Lake Conservancy holds conservation easements on several of our Wisconsin properties. In New Hampshire we work with a variety of local and federal agencies.
We also depend on land trust partners to help with fundraising for important land conservation projects.